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Jasmine came into therapy feeling like she could be doing better in life. She was worried that she was depressed and too anxious. She either ignored these feelings and pushed on with her day or stayed up all night googling and trying to understand the sources of her feelings. There was some help in articles online but it all felt disconnected and didn't really give her the answers she was looking for. Things she tried never made any lasting changes and she felt stuck and discouraged.

Jasmine was able to do day to day life ok but felt like she could have more peace and more confidence in herself. She just wanted to be the best parent, spouse, neighbor, and friend she could be; but so often felt that she wasn't good enough.​

In therapy Jasmine shared about her unhelpful patterns and the thoughts that would creep in and throw her off her game. She spend a lot of time worrying about the future instead of being fully in the present. She would often have thoughts that would start out helpful and quickly become self critical that were hard to ignore.

Jasmine's sessions were pretty typical in that she spent some time gaining insight into herself, found the sources of her patterns and worries, and explored those inner voices that kept her from feeling fulfilled. She took that insight and turned it into committed action. She learned tools to manage her symptoms and how to make positive use of all of the feelings she experiences. She developed a deep level of self compassion and learned to care for herself more intensely than ever before. She gain confidence in herself that rippled out into a lot of areas of her life. She ended therapy knowing that she had a foundation with a therapist that she could check in with anytime she needed any extra support. 


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Our therapists are trained to help gain the insight that leads to this kind of committed action. We can support in finding helpful thoughts instead of living with a head full of anxiety, lift the fog, and find peace in self acceptance so you can thrive. 
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Like going to the GYm

Sometimes people like the gym, sometimes it feels like a chore. However, universally people feel better after and it can bring a snowball of benefits to your life. 

Our belief is that everyone can benefit from time with a person who is clinically trained to support, challenge, and teach. They can benefit from setting aside time to focus on themselves. Think of our therapists as your personal trainer for your emotional life. Just like a trainer for your physical body, it can be hard work but the results can reap rewards in all areas of your life. Just like Jasmine you can see benefits that radiate out into all areas because you feel more confident and connected. 

Our approach is direct but non-judgmental and flexible. We can cover a variety of areas including by not limited to:



Depressed Mood


Sleep Disturbance

Low Self Esteem

High Stress


Gender Identity

Eating Disturbance

Physical Abuse History

Sexual Abuse History


Stress from Health Problems

Social Problems

Relationship Issues



Life Transitions

Parenting Challenges

General Support

Running Outdoors

*Jasmine is a fictional client based on multiple different client experiences combined together.

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