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Child and Family Therapy

Therapy for your child usually begins with a parent meeting, then a clinical assessment done over the course of 4-6 sessions.


During the course of treatment we schedule periodic parent consultation sessions to check in, evaluate progress, and modify the plan for treatment. As appropriate we may schedule family group sessions or sessions with one parent and child. Each family is provided clinically sound, individualized treatment. Length of treatment and frequency of session varies based on each family's need. 

Reasons why parents often seek therapy for their children:

Anxiety, Anger Management, Depression, Social Skills, Attachment, Foster Care History, Post Adoptive Support, Complex Trauma, Divorce, Grief and Loss, Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, LGBTQ support.

We will again be offering in person play sessions beginning Late Summer 2022.

Contact us now to get on the waiting list as spots will be limited! 

Can't wait? Utilize parent coaching and support online in the meantime.

Join us for a free phone consultation to get all your questions answered.

Play AND aRT Therapy

Through play and art a window is opened into the child's world. This window can speak louder than words about what that child is thinking and feeling. Many children come to therapy and feel more comfortable "speaking" in the metaphor of play. With a variety of imaginative toys and engaging activities, children are invited to participate in therapy in a way that comes naturally to them.

Sand Tray

Much like play therapy, Sand Tray allows children to work through problems and stress in metaphoric language. Some trauma and problems are hard to put into words. Through interpretation of sand tray play children can "speak" of the unspeakable and find an outlet for complex feelings.

Cognitive bEHAVIORAL

Feeling education, combating negative or inaccurate thoughts, and developing problem solving can be key to a child's ability to express themselves and cope with life's stresses. 


With a unique assessment process and attachment focused techniques, Theraplay focuses on four main areas of relationship: engagement, structure, challenge, and nurture. By targeting these specific areas, Theraplay games and activities can increase the bond between caregiver and child. As this connection grows often there is a decrease in distressing behaviors. 

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